Email template 

Subject: Revoking Consent 





My name is (enter full name), 


I, hereby immediately revoke my consent to any and all Clark University entities using all photographic, video, audio, iconographic materials or statements including, belonging to, having originated from me. Since the University will not commit to investing into the well-being of its students of color nor commit to outlining their efforts to institutionalize the demands of the Black Student. I reserve the rights within the student handbook/federal law to retract my consent of being used in all marketing of the University. Given the University's ongoing exploitation of Black, Indigenous, Students of Color communities as a means of profit, I no longer feel mentally/physically safe, valued, nor supported by this institution. Therefore,  I am discontinuing my consent, as the University is falsely advertising diversity and inclusiveness. 


Please, immediately remove the following media content: 

  • Include a detailed description to locate the desired material to be taken down

  • Include screenshots and/or links to the media page of where your photos and other media are being publicized.

If there are other areas of which I am not aware of that include my person, please remove those as well.


I look forward to hearing a prompt confirmation of your actions to take down media content related to me. 


With importance, 

(your name)