Clark University Constitution of the Black Student Union


This Constitution was prepared to delegate and empower the governing body of this organization. It is within the guidelines below that the governing body act in the best interest of the Black Student Union.

Article 1

Title Establishment

Section 1: The name of this organization shall be the Black Student Union.

Article 2

Union's Goals and Objectives

Section 1: The Black Student Union is a socio-cultural and political organization. The socio-cultural aspect of the organization involves the unification of its members in areas of common interests and needs. Politically, we are concerned with the issues faced by all minority students, particularly black students, on Clark's campus, such as racism, sexism, and the continuance of stereotypical generalizations. This organization provides for greater communication and unity between the entire student body. Through this unity, we wish to strengthen our black consciousness by having an opportunity to share our cultural pride with Clark on a personal level. This consciousness is then extended to the entire Clark community through activities and programs with reflect our culture. One of the most important goals, though, is to not lose contact, knowledge, or recognition of other cultures on Clark's campus.

Article 3

Composition of The Black Student Union

Section 1: Four officers and all interested persons, who shall be called members, shall make up the Black Student Union body.

Article 4

Qualifications for becoming Black Student Union Member

Section 1: The student must be a full-time Clark student.

Section 2: The student must be sympathetic to the Union's goals and objectives

Section 3: The student must participate and support the Union's functions and events

Article 5

Qualifications for becoming Black Student Union Officer

Section 1: The student must be a full-time Clark student.

Section 2: The student must be a Black Student Union member.

Article 6

Composition of the Executive Committee

Section 1: There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of all four officers, the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Section 2: The terms of all four Executive Committee members shall run for one academic year beginning one week after elections. 

Section 3: The Executive Committee shall hold Executive Committee meetings twice a month at a designated time agree upon amongst themselves.

Section 4: No one but Executive Committee member may be present at Executive Committee meetings unless granted permission by an Executive Committee member. 

Article 7

General Responsibilities for Each Other

Section 1: To encourage the unification between other members of the Black Student Union, as well as provide leadership.

Section 2: To organize and ensure that the goals of the Black Student Union are accomplished. 

Section 3: To attend all meetings and affairs, and to participate in them.

Section 4: To assume responsibility for each other's actions.

Section 5: To document any and all written material and to see to it that each officer receives a copy of that documentation and that there is one for the file.

Article 8

Duties of Office

Section 1: The President

  • Amendment a: The President shall have the final decisions on all matters which cannot be resolved mutually

  • Amendment b: The President shall preside over all meetings and activities unless otherwise designated.

  • Amendment c: The President Shall be a director and instructor of all policies.

  • Amendment d: The President has the power to endorse any checks that he/she feels is necessary to carry out the activities of the Black Student Union

Section 2: The Vice-President

  • Amendment a: The Vice-President is a direct aid to the President.

  • Amendment b: The Vice-President becomes President of all committees formed unless otherwise designated. 

  • Amendment c: The Vice-President shall be in charge of the specifics of all functions unless otherwise designated

  • Amendment d: The Vice-President reports directly to the President.

  • Amendment e: The Vice-President is empowered to serve as President in that officer’s absence or disability.

  • Amendment f: The Vice-President shall succeed the President if that officer should resign or be impeached. 

Section 3: Treasurer

  • Amendment a: The Treasurer is responsible for all monies and financial records.

  • Amendment b: The Treasurer is to keep an accurate record of our budget and all financial transactions.

  • Amendment c: The Treasurer has the power to endorse any checks he/she feels is necessary to carry out the activities of the Black Student Union. 

  • Amendment d: It is the Treasurer’s duty to see that all monies are collected, and totals tallied with one Black Student Union member and another Executive Committee member present. 

  • Amendment e: The Treasurer is to see to it that all monies having to be kept overnight are taken to Campus Police.

  • Amendment f: All cash boxes and ticket materials are held by the Treasurer and are the Treasurer’s responsibility.

  • Amendment g: To report to any Black Student Union Executive Committee member upon request.

  • Amendment h: To promote fundraising activities

  • Amendment i: To Present a prepared budget at the Student Council Budget hearings. 

  • Amendment j: To present a Treasurer's Report to the President either the first week or fourth week of each month.

Section 4: The Secretary​

  • Amendment a: To ensure that all Minutes of all meetings are recorded and made available upon request to any Executive Committee member.

  • Amendment b: To have in his/her possession a list of all members and to notify them of all meetings, activities, and decisions.

  • Amendment c: To keep files updated and in a practical and consistent order. 

  • Amendment d: To make up agendas prior to each meeting and to make sure everyone has a copy prior to the meetings.

  • Amendment e: To receive mail and bring all important matters to the attention of the other officers.

  • Amendment f: To keep the bulletin board material updated.

Article 9


Section 1: Nominations will be the last week in March.

Section 2: Speeches and campaigning will be the first week in April.

Section 3: The voting deadline will be 4:00 P.M. the Friday of the first week in April.

Section 4: The ballots will be counted by all officers that evening and the candidates will be personally notified that evening. 

Section 5: Official results will be in the mailboxes by the next morning.

Section 6: The last two weeks of April will be the “Transitional Period”

Section 7: Any decisions concerning Fifth Module are to be made by the new administration.

Section 8: All or none of the ABOVE sections may be altered to be flexible with the academic year.

Article 10

Resignation from Office

Section 1: The resigning officer must notify the Executive Committee of any such first.

Section 2: The aforementioned officer must then appear before the Black Student Union giving an official statement of resignation, as well as presenting a written explanation for the resignation. 

Article 11

Vacancy of Office

Section 1: In the event that an office is left vacant, except that of the President, before the academic year begins, the President, with the expressed approval of the Executive Committee members, will take on additional responsibilities and contribute to the carrying out of the duties of the vacant office until Section 2 under this Article can be placed in effect. 

Section 2: In the event that an office is left vacant, except that of the President, during the first half of the term, an election will be held within four weeks of the vacancy of that office

Section 3: In the event that an office is left vacant, except that of the President, during the second half of the term;

  1. The President, with the expressed approval of the Executive Committee members, shall appoint a person to fill that vacancy; 


  1. Each remaining officer, at their discretion, will take on additional responsibilities, and contribute to the carrying out of the duties of the vacant office

Article 12


Section 1: Should follow standard Parliamentary procedure

Article 13

Constitutional Amending

Section 1: In the event, this Constitution should be amended it shall only be done by either two acts:

  1. A majority vote of all four Executive Committee members


  1. A written petition signed by two-thirds of the Union body

Article 14

Ratification of Constitution

Section 1: The ratification of this Constitution by a majority of the Executive Committee members shall be sufficient for the establishment of this Constitution. 

Section 2: This Constitution shall supersede all previous Constitutions

Section 3: This Constitution shall not be construed so as to remove anyone from office by its enactment.

Article 15


Section 1: This event is to be an annual event held to raise monies to aid Black Student Union members in any form or fashion that the Executive Committee members see fit to be in the best interest of the Union. 

Section 2: This event is to includes live entertainment, a theme for the event, and refreshments, alcoholic/ or non-alcoholic.


Addendums to the Constitution


September 12, 1980

Article 16

The Rights of each Black Student Union Member

Section 1: Members of this Union have certain rights that cannot be altered. The following is a listing of these rights.

  • Amendment A: A member may make any suggestion he/she feels may assist the Black Student Union, as far as the Union’s goals and objectives.

  • Amendment B: A member may ask any questions he/she feels is pertinent to any Union material.

  • Amendment C: A member may ask any questions he/she has about any actions taken by the Union or a particular officer

  • Amendment D: A member may place any item on the next meeting agenda simply by seeing the Secretary up to two days prior to the next meeting.

  • Amendment E: A member may attend an Executive Committee meeting by asking the permission of one of the officers

  • Amendment F: A member may join any and all committees of the Union

  • Amendment G: A member may represent the Union at any and all events, activities, and functions, but may not make any commitments, decisions, or promises, as far as Union policies.

  • Amendment H: Any member may express his/her satisfaction or dissatisfaction, orally, or in writing, as far as actions taken by the Union or one of the officers. 

  • Amendment I: A member has the right to call any and all matters to a vote at any time.

  • Amendment J: A member may not supersede any officer’s duties

  • Amendment K: After a matter is voted upon, all members are required and expected to follow in accordance with the action voted upon, whether he or she agreed or not.

  • Amendment L: A vote of ⅗ of all Union members may override an Executive action.


January 25, 1981

Article 8

Section 1

Amendment E: The President shall submit a “President’s Report” to the officers and members. This report will contain a synopsis of the last year’s activities, an outline of the past year’s attitudes and morales, and suggestions for the coming year. 

Article 10

Section 3:The aforementioned officer must present a valid and conclusive reason for resigning

Section 4: The aforementioned officer’s resignation will not take effect for a full month, so as to give a transition period to the other officers.