Feb 20. 1969


The Black Student Union has taken over the administrative buildings of Clark University in Worcester, Mass. We have tried to work through the university's "proper Channels", i.e., meetings with the Administration and Board of Trustees, to no avail and have been confronted with tokenism and insincerity. Our demands are: 

  1. At least thirty Black Students in the Class of 1973

    • First, Clark claimed that there were not enough 'qualified' black applicants and after black Clark students endeavored to find, through recruitment, these​​ 'qualified' applicants, the Clark administration professed that there was no more money to meet the complete needs of these students. We demand that Clark fulfill its promise. 

  2. Black Student Scholarship Fund

    • A Black student scholarship fund which will take care of the financial needs of black students enrolled within the university and which will be annually sufficient to meet the financial need of the number if black high school graduates accepted for the academic year​

  3. Black Studies Fund

    • A Black Studies Fund to finance a black studies department at Clark which will encompass the various academic disciplines and the salaries for professors​, regular and visiting, teaching in this department. The Black Student Union at Clark is to participate with adequate status in the implementation of the program, i.e, course and professor selection. 

  4. Educative Support for Admitted "High Risk" Students

    • Institution of the so-called "Transitional Year Program" proposal as submitted to the Faculty Academic Committee by the Black Student Union in Clark's next five-year program​

  5. Afro-American Room

    • A room, for example the music room in the Little Commons to be used for a permanent office and an Afro-American Center for the Clark Black Student Union​

  6. Graduate Department

    • Active recruitment for the increase of "Blacks" in the graduate program/ Black alumni should be sought to do the recruiting. Also, funds should be made available​

  7. Amnesty

    • Complete amnesty for ALL students involve in this demonstration​